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Uniswap uses a constant product formula (x*y=k) to swap from Token A to Token B. It works differently from traditional exchanges that use an order book. With Uniswap, you first add liquidity, which reserves Token A and/or Token B. This action manipulates the formula and accounts for differences in token price between A and B. Any swap between A and B must satisfy the constant product formula so that only the token price changes.

The first step is to install MetaMask.
If you already have MetaMask installed, go to the next step.

Install MetaMask

How to work with Uniswap.

1 Go to the link: https://uniswap-demo.waterfall.network/#/swap
2 In the opened tab, click on the “Connect Wallet”.

3 From the drop-down list select MetaMask.

4 Confirm the connection.
5 After connecting the MetaMask wallet, select the network “Waterfall” in the networks list.

Congratulations you are breathtaking!

* No partnership has been formed, nor endorsement received, from Uniswap. We are simply migrating the open source code to our protocol.